Baidhnath Temple

Baidyanathdham is a very famous Hindu pilgrimage. It is also called DEOGHAR or the house of Gods and Godesses. Situated on the eastern side of Bihar (now Jharkhand), this township is very close to the Bengal border. Visitors from all over visit this important temple where the Kamana Linga of Lord Shiva is placed. In the month of `shrawan' devotees come in lacs, particularly on 'Mondays'. Many of these devotees come walking after traversing a distance of some 100 kms on foot to pour the holy Ganga water on Kamana Linga brought from Sultanganj. Baidyanathdham can be reached by train or road. Jaisidih station, on the Howrah-Patna rail line of Eastern Railway is just 7 kms away. Regular bus services from Ranchi and Patna are available. From Bhagalpur this pilgrimage site is about 80 kms.

Shravani Mela

All the devotees of Lord Shiva are heartly welcome at the Maha Shravani Mela, at Deoghar, the holy abode of Lord Shiva. Devotees, after having a dip at Uttar Vahini Ganga at Sultanganj, carry the Holy Gangas Water. In the Kanwar, barefooted, for a distance of 105 kms up to Deoghar. Their journey culminates by offering this Holy Water to the Lord of Lords, Shiva. 

This entire route becomes engulfed in Lord Shiva's fervour by the chanting of his holy name. The Ravneshwar Shiva Temple of Deoghar is known as a Siddha Peeth. Amongst the twelvth Shiva Lingams in the country, the one at Deoghar is also known as Kamna Lingam. It is believed that if a devotee prays from the core of his heart in front of this Lingam, his prayer is easily granted.


24 kms west of Deoghar, it is famous for its Hill Temples. It is believed that many sages have attained salvation on the top of these hills, known as Trikut. 

Place of interests in and around Deoghar

BASUKINATH: 43 Kms from Deoghar, there is an attractive Shiva Temple here. It is believed that a pilgrimage to Deoghar is complete only after offering holy water to Lord Shiva at Basukinath.

Satsang Ashram

A very holy place for devotees of Shri Shri Anukul Chandra Thakur.

Navlakha Temple

2 kms from Deoghar, there are temples of Radha And Krishna here.